Saturday, April 25, 2015

"Better buy Dassault Aviation rather than its failed product Rafael Aircraft"- Swamy's views are(not) senseless!? Complete Analysis.

Rafael is Game changer or Game looser? A Quick Analysis. 

Not just its failure, when one compares its performance in Egypt and elsewhere Rafael is a relatively failed technology with flawed outcome. Is it more advanced than Typhoon? Technically speaking pilots blame that it is less fuel efficient as well as less capable than many advance version planes.

Now Modi government directly asked France to supply 36 Rafale fighter jets in fly- away condition. The cost of the 36 aircraft is now negotiated at nearly 4 billion Euros. Also changed is that instead of negotiating with Dassault, the project is now a Government-to-Government deal.

The Undulating fact is that if India had not accepted the deal then it would have proved a death blow to otherwise sluggishly deflated  Dassault Aviation.

It is said that not just price issue Hindusthan Aeronautics Limited (HAL), Bengaluru cannot recreate the Rafael models.? Or it has issues with tool technology. Insufficient information leading me to conclude that history may decide its virtue. Moreover "flyby" ready made! deal fail to accredit technology transfer which is the heart of Make In India, accepting the very truth that Indian Air force is in crisis. In the process agenda of Make in India is in cumbersome, sombre! For both Dassault and Indian Air force this deal proved to be life saving antidote. High deliberations were running across by the previous government, deal was only concluded by this government.
Satire: It would have been a win win deal if the dassault was to be purchased by Government of India.! which is mere impossible but would have proved cost worthy.

The Indian defence procurement procedure states, every contract costing more than Rs. 300 crores has an offset obligation of 30 per cent. It means that the manufacturer has to dispose the contracts worth 30 per cent of the total cost of the contract to Indian industry. In case of MMRCA, the government had increased offset obligation to 50 per cent which benefitted the Indian industry. That means India and Indian government is still in advantaged position.

But is it important to loose something to gain deeper, concrete relationship with France? 'Akhir Har ke jitne waalonkoo hi Baazigar kehte he.' Like Mr. Kejriwal, Here Mr. Narendra Modi by loosing the technology transfer case winning the heart of France and need of IAF!

Between after annoyed by conclusion of deal Mr. Swamy is getting ready for his ultimate weapon which made many Heyday's into hell days! called PIL i.e., Public Interest Litigation. I guess he holds the record number of PIL's in the apex court of India.

Scientist should come out with their study reports either positively backing Rafael or aptly bashing the Rafael by proving its inefficiency and incapability. Or else we in the confused state of mind would keep circulating around rhetorics of the atmosphere without gaining anything. Nation wants to know! Till than we can't say anything accurately on that.

Last sip: However the deal is finalised. Know I and we can only hope for the best performance of Rafael by serving the Indian Air force with best of its abilities there by unleashing the nation's task and security.

Rafael must lead and inspire us to build more advanced version of indigenously built aircraft, for instance let me call it Rahul. It can be possible but do not wait for technology transfer which may be without critical tools transfer! By moving ahead with the system of MECHATRONICS - linking every field of knowledge, Engineering, Skill, R&D and most importantly 'WILL'.

Lets hope for the best as government of the day firmly demanded and agreed only  for the IAF tested Rafale  models.


Jai Hind.
Shreyanka S Ranade.

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