Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Unprecedented, it is 24/7 Apex court. Good or just covering up its own procedural mistake?

Last minute plea to stay 1993 serial blast convict is heard by three judge bench at the Supreme Court in New Delhi.

Lot of hussle-tussle going on Yakub's plea. In last 2-3days we have found dramatic changes, turning points over all high drama.. The simple fact is as of now is he is convicted. even President of India rejects his mercy plea under Article 72 of the Constitution of India. He was supposed to be sentenced to death today, as earlier decided by Supreme Court. Still he has time till morning, and Yakub's case is turning out to be high voltage drama/sinic to all. But as a person what will be going on in his mind, the same mind might have not thought these things before he involved himself with cunning Tiger!

Very rare yet welcome step to establish no scar left on temple of law or is it the cover up cost paid for incongruent, complex process and mistakes of past! It is a case to establish the supremacy of justice and due process of law. Protests are going on outside the supreme court, it should not pressurise the verdict. Let the law and truth shall take its own course but ultimately JUSTICE needs to be prevailed.

Be cautious: This should not become a trend in future for all kind of new sense cases, when it should not not be a escape route for guilts. Nor should be a weakness of judiciary.

Streamlining, simplifying the process and procedures of court is very much need of the time.

Review, Curative, then recognising lapse in following process by violating the Order 48, Rule 4 of the Supreme Court  Rules, 2013,
what was the violation?
The bench which dismissed curative petition(last resort?!), did not include all the judges who heard serial blast convict"Yakub the fate's!" review petition,,!

How much confused are you with the complex, pandora boxed judicial process! better do not try to understand! It seems that they themselves do not know the exact procedures as such or how could they flaw the crucial steps! If judiciary has done these flaws will it be penalised or punished? Some questions are better when they are not raised! Err isn't it a serious thing to ask? No conclusions on it... as it will evolve gradually over the period of time.... I think that will never come in our life times! This is not to question the credibility of highest court of law or in any way disrespect the apex court. It is an attempt to describe the complexity of judicial functioning across the world in general and in India in particular....

Jai Hind

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