Thursday, February 4, 2016

Gender Taxi: Owned and operated by Transgenders.

How it is to travel in a driverless car on which google is working. How it will be to sit in a transgender taxi on which Kerala is working. In India latter will be availed soon.. book ur taxi!

February made Transgenders to celebrate the great carnival. Days after Supreme Court of India agreed for the curative petition to transfer the case of section 377 (on transgenders) to constitutional bench, a sigh of joy and relief was felt by the community. After decades of suffering, ill treatment and inequal status, they fighting hard for their just right, oxygen of equality and respectful life. As a result there are stray incidents in which they are recognised, honoured, and given their due. Recently there was a transgender principal for a college. As such more than anything societal feelings and perceptions must be changed, articulated in a positive way. Albeit how they are treated in the public sphere, here is a state which recognises them less for their gender sensitivity but more as the effort to empower them economically. Understanding their potential to help them earn like any other Taxi drivers. God's own state Kerala unviels A new exclusive and unique Taxi services to be owned and operated by otherwise deprived Transgenders.

Kerala government may have heckled in Bar licence scam, liquor ban only below 3 star hotels, More burning is recent solar scam.. But it has come out with very creative, life giving and nurturing plan to economically sustain the transgenders. It is first of its kind. After launching the first Transgender Policy in the country, the Kerala government is now getting ready to launch ‘Gender Taxi’, owned and operated by transgenders. The state- run Gender Park, under the Department of Social Justice, has drawn up a programme to roll out G-Taxi on the model of its successful all-women cab network She-Taxi.

Before implementation government must look after certain issues like, gender sensitivity, abandoning possible harassment, boycott and disregard for them, Also State must recognise the original  transgenders and devoiding fake ones to give the former their right. At the same time certain guidelines to be brought in in order to make driver - passenger mutually win win situation of smooth drive.

If its proven successful more states are likely to follow this programme. Lets wish them all the best.

Jai Hind.
Shreyanka S Ranade.

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