Saturday, March 19, 2016

India vs Pak T20 Live. Not a war but just another game.

India vs Pak T20 not a war but just another game.

It is always dangerous to create a narrative of war in the game. To name one recent Mauka Mauka add is disturbing.(Details of the add will not be discussed here.) Of course it is a high voltage match between two cricket teams representing respective countries. More than anything it is a must win for both teams in order to remain in the ICC T20 world cup 2016. A both the teams have lost their first match. Of course in past 4 head to head between India-Pak in T20 World cup, India has vanquished Pakistan.. So one can say India is favourite but in Eden Gardens Kolkata India never beat Pak! So it's gonna be 50-50 game. It will be fun watching the game.

Just a game do not take it to the other end:

Media, Advertisements and some radical fans on both the sides have made this game into a battle and Eden gardens into War field. Whom to blame for this, not one person or entity is a reason, but the delinking relationship between India and Pakistan in bilateral ties is a reason to blame. But most oftenly known that Pakistan is constantly destabilizing the relationship, destroying the peace process and tranquility. This implies in even in the mindset of citizens of both countries.

Pakistan, a country where Virat Kohli's Pakistani Fan is punished!(later lifted the punishment on world wide outrage!), But my request is India should not behave in Pakistan's way. Let the quality be appreciated and even the talent irrespective of any prisms.

Some believe it is a do or die match, match of prestige, match of self respect, match equal to Indo-Pak war etc perceptions and narrations are misguiding the public, viewers, youths and cricket fans. So do not fall prey to such emotive games, which indeed played with common people. And those aam aadmis leave everything beside, even the most important, productive things of life and instead dance according to the tone of unknown entities. And waste their precious time in watching, talking about the game... which is 2 days before the game and a week after the game. If result is not according to their wish fans feel heart broken, depressed. melodramatic... few people involve themselves in the illegal gambling business of BETTING, which always have had grey shades and dark ends... Worse is few bhakts commit suicide either for the game's fate or for blindly loosing the hard earned money in betting business.

More cautious thing happens when fans who support Pakistan or treated as traitors forgetting the fact that it is a game. If in case Pakistan is won, few people celebrate it more enthusiastically so much so overwhelmed and over secretion of hormone leading to burning crackers, celebrating diwali.. offending the sentiments of few possessive 'desh bhakts' who are looking this game beyond the gambit of cricket match. And in the past this has led to the communal violence.

Game should bridge the gap between the countries and its people:

Beyond every other matters there is a need of high bonhomie between the hearts, as a soft power this should vanish the enmity between the two states rather than creating more harm. What do you think it may happen anytime soon?

Jai Hind.
Shreyanka S Ranade.

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