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Letter to PM Narendra Modi on the success of International Yoga Day and need of the hour.

Letter to PM Narendra Modi on the success of International Yoga Day and need of the hour.

Shri Narendra Modi,
Honourable Prime Minister of India.
New Delhi.

Shreyanka S Ranade,

Respected Sir,
Happy international yoga day. And congratulations for the success of second International Yoga Day. People from all walks of life around the world are now more aware about Yoga, Yogic practices and its role not only in preservation and promotion of positive health, but also preventing and managing various diseases or conditions by making life more peaceful, stress-less and with balanced control over body, mind and soul. As you have rightly and timely set an agenda for next one year as a year to create awareness, teaching to face, fight and control 'Diabetes' through Yogasana. All these would have been not possible without your suggestion and strong push for Yoga in the United Nations General Assembly, New York in 2014. It is gradually starting to bear fruits. If you ask me, you have not just endorsed it but efficiently framed a path to market it! Thank you very much for your 9"i" approach. That is Indian idea, ignition, interest, initiative, involvement, introduction, intelligence, intruding globally and invincibility (of yoga and your adamant push).
Yoga being the major, 'zero-budget' soft power of India. We must tap it to the fullest potential globally. It may also be a vast opportunity in abroad for employment generation for Indians; Huge scope for Yogic research (One of the researcher from Brazil you have mentioned about him and his research study in coding the number of Asanas) and can also be the way for huge earning as remittances for the nation. Not to mention its usefulness in diplomatic negotiations. Before a country like China effectively taps this area, India - Indians must gain out of this traditional knowledge. Extending our leadership we must spread the purest, oldest form of indigenous art-science-talent of Yoga "without any claims for the patent"(IPR) on it. It is our responsibility, duty and right to teach Asthanga Yoga or Eight fold path of sage Patanjali(Greatest expounder of Yoga who lived between 3 BCE -5 BCE. is the compiler of the 'Yoga sutra's, the basic work on Yoga philosophy and a major work on the philosophical aspects of mind and consciousness) to the world. No claims for monopoly but its our core area that we should not let it go (like leaving out suryanamaskar from official yoga event).
Albeit, the coming elections in Punjab, Sir, you have very passionately chosen Chandigarh, a temperate city, for this year's official yoga event. Moving the places out of Delhi is a good experiment in order to take it to other regions of the country. (*Can you also experiment the same even in the case of INDEPENDENCE DAY CELEBRATION and Hoisting the tricolour even from the farthest regions of the country like North East India or in Kashmir or in Kanyakumari and also in Andaman Nicobar islands.? This will not only helps to break the stereotype, obsession of Red fort and helps to bridge the nationalism, patriotism and sense of unitedness in those regions where there is voice of cessation tendencies, or of segregated mindsets or even left over feeling. Not to mention that they will be bestowed to watch their mandated PM speaking in their state on the highest day of the land. Is it not impossible until tried, tested uniquely. But in the future it should not lead to the bad practice of making Independence Day speeches' on the basis of upcoming election states, with the sole motive of electoral gains.
Yoga- a effective tool to fight Drugs and other Intoxicants:
Can Government of India and Government of Punjab set an agenda or as a pilot project to make "Punjab DRUGFREE state"? We (GOI) have separate ministry for Yoga (A.Y.U.S.H.). Certainly it will be easy task to implement even for a centrally sponsored scheme. Having NDA allay Akali dal is added advantage for the success of this action plan. With it even if you just give a call for eradicating drug menace, given your positive charisma and unbeatable will power many NGO's (not five star), civil society groups who are fighting against the devil called drugs and even religious institutions, Yoga preachers, volunteers will join in to contribute in that revolution of drug eradication from Punjab first and then from all the severe to moderately drug affected states.
Why Punjab in the first place?
Certainly not because elections are coming there, which is not my motive but it can be. Firstly, It is open truth that Punjab is severely affected in the alarming rate with drug, opium and other slow poisons. Many national media provide the substantial grounds, empirical data to prove it. There is no doubt about it, there may be small variations in numbers with government data showing less number of affected victims but even government hasn't denied its persistence threat. I will not mention the numbers which is available on internet. But I will quote what renowned Hockey player from Punjab had said recently, that "If I hadn't joined Indian Hockey Team, by this time I would have been a victim of drug". Secondly the highest power of the nation i.e. Youths, otherwise most productive, the demographic dividend of the nation may go unproductive and useless. One of the very talented, very pursuing and dedicated state's productivity will be tardy in coming years. Generations will suffer. Finally Punjab region should not turn into the 'Mexico of Asia'! Don't you think this is a double edged sword and easy strategic 'drug war' plan of enemy states to drain the youth power of India into 'dozy braindead' on the one hand and also to utilise the money gained out drug sale for funding TERRORISM against India and world.
If the real purpose of both reasons of celebrating International Yoga day and celebrating it in Chandigarh, Punjab-Haryana have to be fulfilled then certainly deadly tumour of Drugs must be neutralised for healthy society. Without mentioning the real situation of youths in Chandigarh Sir, you have mentioned about clean state of Chandigarh city, that is its climate and infrastructure! Chandigarh, Punjab is not so beautiful without the enriched and not deprived human resource.
Sir, legendarily both Yoga and You will be automatically accepted, loved and followed by countless hearts domestically and on the world stage like no one else for your stewardship of innumerable achievement when you take forward Yoga to bring about such revolutionary transformation. In 2015 when India was propagating for the success of World Yoga Day on 21st June, it also became world leader, it was reported that Russian President Vladimir Putin upon learning the fact that PM Narendra Modi had opened separate Ministry for Yoga, he had asked "does he (PM Narendra Modi) practice yoga?" (Coomi Kapoor, inside track, June2015, The Indian Express). Not knowing much about the Yoga he was sounding dubious on yoga and India's approach. When globe accepted it with nearly 195 countries celebrating on the day even Russia had officially celebrated World Yoga day. Vladimir Putin may also have seen on 21st June, 2015 at Vijay Chowk Narendra Modi was leading from the front. Sir, as you that much better than anyone, world accepts when achieved. It applauds with many standing ovations when watches it, experiences it (Better example was your recent speech at US Congress). Now it is high time to act, achieve and advance. Controlling diabetes with the help of Yoga is much easier thing to achieve. Once again I raise the same question Can we set the same agenda without fear to eradicate drug addiction, fight drugs with the help of stopping of all wondering thoughts(towards drugs, alcohol, smoking etc.,) and cessation of all mental modifications that with the simple practice of Ashtanga yoga.
Punjab when becomes drug-free in many ways you are actually giving credit to the power of Yoga. Drug-free state can be achieved in other ways also but through Yoga it is easy, without force but changing the mind-set and it mainly helps to win over own enemies before fighting against the outside enemies. As you have said it teaches us to give up. Giving up evil force, illness and contentious practices. Yoga intrinsically strengthens us. As Patanjali defined Yoga as "yogah chitta vritti nirodhah", which means "Yoga is the stoppage of modifications of the mind". (Chitta=mind, Vrittis=impulses). A sole uniting force, binding force can also be a great transforming force.
It is election time, at least in your manifesto, in order to eradicate the real threat of the nation that is the drugs through YOGA/AYUSH (cure/heal) centres across every village or at block level to teach, train and create awareness among the youths to de-addict the addicted and prevent the possible new addicts. It will be a huge push both for Yoga and Youths, and also fight against Terrorism, Organised Crimes (As quoted by you in Man ki Baat). Irrespective of political obligations or obligations by the allies, please take a strong decision to change the picture of fertile land, most productive land.  The same can be the best solutions those who want to fight against mal practices, social evils like Alcoholism, Smoking, Chewing Tobacco, and many such geo-regional problems and threating issues. Thinking globally and acting locally all those menaces can be cured using the art and science of Ashtanga Yoga. We need unharmed, efficient and great human resource to achieve the dream of India becoming super power that is vision 2020 and beyond.
Lastly, Very soon there will be a Nobel Peace Prize for Yoga and for preaching Yoga for world peace, unity and solidarity. How soon and how well is the question. Before that substantially effective impact must be achieved in India. However Yoga itself is pristine and Nobel. And when it is used for Nobel cause no prize is above it.
Last sip: Obama wins it(Nobel peace prize) for a (no)thing (For ending Iraq war or making West Asia unstable giving rise to ISIS; For helping to establish Democratic governments by encouraging Arab-less spring!; Taking back the military troops from Afghan or leaving the Afghanistan in the same state of Chaos; For talking about strong gun control laws or undoing (unable to do it) it; For releasing Whitehouse statements against racial attacks on blacks, hailing from a intolerant nation even invoke Gandhi to preach tolerance to India! or for sitting handcuffed when many Missouri racial attacks, Orlando type of attacks continued; or for talking of peace and friendship with India to contaminate China and to achieve the larger picture Asian pivot or covertly and overtly heavily funding Pakistan, the breeding ground of terrorism, in the name of military grants; For Obamacare, free healthcare or for Wanting to patent the lifesaving drugs in the developing and underdeveloped countries in the name of inhumane, insane IPR policy and least concerned when epidemics brake outside US. All these are larger issues which will lead us to different debate and may be finely called as the essay on Barack Obama or on USA.). Now India should certainly win noble peace prize for its invincibility in serving the humanity and peace.
Thank you very much sir for reading this letter with patience. Sincerely look forward to know your views.
Dhanyavaad. Jai hind.

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